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When you come to your appointment please be on time along with bringing your drivers license and credit card. If you know who your instructor is - that information will be helpful too as many local teachers have specific things they are looking for. You will be providing credit card information to be kept on file the entire time you are renting from Young Musicians, Inc. Keeping your credit card information up-to-date the entire time while renting is your responsibility.

Our billing cycle is divided into 3 month blocks.
1) January - March
2) April - June
3) July - September
4) October - December

When you begin, your rental fee will be pro-rated to put you in sequence with the next billing cycle. When the next billing cycle starts you will be charged to your credit card for that up-coming 3 month block. This process will renew billing cycle until you return the rental instrument outfit.

Your questions are important to us, so please call for a rental appointment @ 817.741.3838